Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic of Austin - Kristin Lasseter, MD
A Women's Mental Health Provider

Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic of Austin

Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic of Austin provides mental health care to women suffering from depression, anxiety and more during pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. We also help women enduring symptoms of PMDD or PMS, and treat symptoms resulting from birth trauma. Our psychiatrist can manage psychiatric conditions during critical times in women’s reproductive lifespan.

Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic of Austin

RPC Austin focuses on mental health surrounding infertility, pregnancy, menopause and the menstrual cycle using both telepsychiatry and in person care. Dr. Kristin Lasseter’s approach to treatment is through evidence-based care, and she works with each person to design a safe, integrative treatment plan they feel most comfortable with.

Due to the nature of reproductive mental illness, we use a consultative care model. People receive care with us until they are either out of the postpartum period (12 months postpartum), or, in other cases, until their symptoms are stable. Afterwards, patients are referred back to their primary provider or to another psychiatrist for treatment maintenance. This allows us to improve access to care for those who acutely need our services.

Why choose RPC Austin?

We are a small, local psychiatry office that goes the extra mile to care for each individual. We provide the most up-to-date and safe private reproductive mental health services in Austin. Additionally, we have staff dedicated to help patients find mental health services for their needs if we are not the right fit for them. Dr. Lasseter has been working tirelessly to bring reproductive psychiatry to Central Texas since 2014, and started the first women’s mental health clinic in this city in 2017. Every day, our clinic strives to bring together our two passions: Central Texas and reproductive mental health.