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Complex Reproductive Journey Support Group

This group is active now!

Is it time to meet people who understand some nuances of a complicated pathway to building a family?

We invite you to join us virtually on Mondays at 2 PM CST for an open group created to provide understanding and care as you navigate the landscape of reproductive assistance and/or pregnancy losses.

We will share strengths and challenges, practice using tools from ACT, somatic support, and self-compassion. Build community and receive support as you navigate the complexities of this difficult journey.

This drop-in group is offered at $30 per session and is open to all Texas residents who have had difficulties along their path to family building.

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Past Groups and trainings

2023 Perinatal Grief and Loss Workshop

A three hour one-time class on perinatal loss is thoughtfully designed for mental health and birthing professionals seeking to enhance their competence in assisting individuals navigating their journey with grief and loss.

Fall 2023 Life With Baby Group

Life With Baby sessions follow the Life With Baby Workbook and are designed to support your postpartum wellness through supportive information and planning with an RPC therapist in a group setting. Groups can help create community and help attendees feel less alone in their experience.

2023 Grandparenting Group

This Group is for grandparents or those in a supportive role aimed at helping you navigate changing relationships, new roles, updated safety information and supporting parents mental health.

Fall 2022 Infertility Group

This group, facilitated by Grace Rao, LMSW, is a 6 session virtual group designed to provide a judgement free space for individuals experiencing infertility to build community, process their experience, and receive social support.