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Wellness Education

Sometimes, when we are feeling stuck or we realize things aren’t where we would like them to be, having an outside perspective can be really helpful. During a Wellness Consult, a personalized consultation will be performed by an RPC mental health specialist to provide education on ways to improve mental wellness for individuals going through stressful life events, such as, pregnancy or infant loss, fertility treatment, unplanned pregnancy, postpartum, infant congenital illness, and early parenthood.

Our psychiatrists also offer one-time consults for people who would like a second opinion on management of their mental health. Through coordination with an individual’s current clinician, our psychiatrists can offer valuable insights into options for optimal management of psychiatric conditions during pre-pregnancy planning, pregnancy, infertility, breastfeeding or menstrual disorders.

Grandparenting Course

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Wellness Consultations

Our wellness consults are designed for those wanting
more education on how to optimize their mental health.

  • Performed by a reproductive mental health specialist
  • One-time, 45 minute visit
  • Entails a brief assessment followed by personalized education
  • Focused on lifestyle changes to improve mental wellness
  • Great for those going through life transitions or stressful events, such as:
  • Pregnancy or preconception planning
  • Postpartum and early parenthood
  • Fertility treatment
  • Infant congenital illness
  • Loss and grief
  • Traumatic birth

Life With Baby Sessions

These supportive sessions are specially created for those
pregnant individuals or couples interested in forming a
personalized postpartum wellness plan.

  • Completed by a reproductive mental health specialist
  • Package of five, 60-minute sessions
  • Includes Life With Baby Workbook
  • Focused on individualized self-care, support, and
    emotional well being