TFMR Awareness Day 2023

TFMR Awareness Day 2023

Jane Armstrong, LCSW-S, PMH-C

TFMR Awareness Day 2023

The second annual TFMR Awareness Day is coming up on Thursday, May 4, 2023! Read on to learn more about TFMR, this annual awareness day, and the TFMR Support Association.

What is TFMR?

TFMR stands for termination for medical reasons and refers to ending a wanted pregnancy for the health of the pregnant person and/or baby/ies. This can include fatal, non-fatal, grey/spectrum, and mental health conditions. The "decision" involved in the loss is often a misleading concept, as many parents don't feel as though they had a "choice" at all, let alone that they would ever "choose" for their baby or themselves to be so sick in the first place.

Like other forms of pregnancy and infant loss, TFMR involves the death of a much-loved baby and wished-for future. Unlike other forms of pregnancy and infant loss, there are often added layers of shame, silence, and legal, political, and logistical barriers that these parents must face, often with very little support, in their grief. Even as miscarriage, stillbirth, and infertility become more common topics of discussion, recognition, and compassion in our society, TFMR often remains the taboo within the taboo of baby loss.

TFMR Awareness Day

TFMR Awareness Day began in 2022, founded by Emma Belle of TFMR Mamas, to raise awareness of TFMR loss and bring together a vetted and credible network of TFMR-specific, affirming, and safe organizations, support spaces, and resources for TFMR parents across the globe. The date was selected to honor her daughter, Willow, who was due May 4, 2021, but was born and died via TFMR in October of 2020.

The day will include over 24 hours of Instagram lives beginning every hour on the hour with topics ranging from TFMR parents sharing their lived experiences, to a panel of therapists talking about ways to support families through TFMR, to pregnancy after TFMR, and much more.

For folks looking to build community, connection, and knowledge on the topic of TFMR, the TFMR Support Association (TSA) is a great place to start. These are vetted resources, organizations, and individuals who are participating in TFMR Awareness Day and provide support for TFMR families year-round. These include charities, baby loss organizations, Instagram accounts, and a new category this year is reproductive rights and funding organizations!

To sign up to participate and receive regular updates, just fill out the brief form at To follow along on social media, follow @tfmrawarenessday on Instagram.

TFMR Support in Texas

I hope to see you at TFMR Awareness Day 2023! If you are looking for more support for TFMR throughout the year, check out the Resources page on my website for online communities, virtual support groups, podcasts, book recommendations, and more! You can also follow me on Instagram at @tfmrsocialworker.