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Kiran Azeez

Kiran Azeez

Hi Everyone! My name is Kiran and I was born and raised in Sugar Land, TX to Pakistani immigrant parents. After a bit of moving around the country I landed in Austin in 2017 which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by so many like-minded and open-hearted individuals and it is the first place I’ve lived that truly feels like home. I believe that one’s life purpose is not tied to or defined by a single linear goal or accomplishment rather it is a pursuit of our entire human experience, individually and collectively. In other words, we all have opportunities in every moment, of every day, in every exchange through our organic growth and evolutionary process to live a meaningful life of purpose. In many cultures, even smiling at someone in passing is considered a charitable act because of the energy transference that occurs by shining your own light big and bright and inviting others to do the same for themselves.

I have three areas that I feel passionate about and are all interconnected: health and wellness, human and animal rights and being in loving kindness and service to ourselves, each other and the planet. Ultimately, we can only do for others what we can do for ourselves, so cultivating a deep awareness and gentle, harmonious relationship with the Self is the cornerstone of who I am and how I want to show up in the world for others.

Whether it is practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness (Fun Fact: I am a yoga instructor, an energy healer and have meditated everyday since adolescence!), cooking nutritious and clean meals, taking my dog Duck to the park, reading a good book, or visiting one of the many unique, art-filled coffee shops, listening to live music, being in Nature or on the water in Austin and connecting with people, it is these practices that shape and fill my day to day life with great joy and presence.

It is also what led me to Reproductive Psychiatry and Counseling! I have been in Healthcare Management for about 10 years including Hospitals for Mental and Behavioral Health, Med-Surg, Emergency care, Practice Management for several specialties as well as Medical Academia. It is important to me to lend my experience, support and service to great women who do great work with integrity, compassion and respect and model what it means to have dignity for all and honor and empower each person’s current life experience. I am so grateful to be a part of the RPC team!