Associate Psychotherapist, Supervised by Elaine Cavazos, LCSW-S, PMH-C

Beth Bishop, LMSW, PMH-C

Beth Bishop, LMSW, PMH-C

Life is beautiful and life is also difficult. 

I want to  hear you and will listen as you identify your strengths, areas in which you need support, and areas where  you desire to make changes. My goal is to provide kindness and respect as we work together toward your goals. Thriving and self compassion often go hand in hand.  Transformational changes are often associated with a commitment to sleep, healthy eating, mindfulness, and movement.  I appreciate attachment theory, CBT, and DBT skills as effective and compassionate  tools to help you move toward your desired future. 

I have supported thousands of families in a perinatal hospital setting; or before, during, and after a NICU journey. These clients have experienced perinatal mood disorders, traumatic birth, pregnancy loss, and infant loss. My clients have been diverse in race and ethnicity,  age, spiritual practices, and socioeconomic levels.  

Prior to my NICU work, I spent nearly a decade dialoguing with people and facilitating as they identified desired connection, growth, and outreach opportunities; I also have  focused on child development, identifying barriers to attachment and safety, and mitigating the impact of trauma. I co-founded a council for racial and health equity in a local hospital setting which has led to training, collaboration, and focus on equitable excellence for patients and staff. 

In my professional life, the common thread is believing in the preciousness of each person and in provision of support so that each person may lead a full life. 

As for me personally? I like to laugh and hike. I love nature photography and eating good food. Yoga has been transformative for me in learning how to exist quietly in my body.  I’ve lived in Central Austin for decades, am married, and have two newly grown daughters.


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