Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic of Austin: a women's mental health clinic
by Kristin Yeung Lasseter, MD

PMDD and Menopause

Our psychiatrist, Dr. Kristin Lasseter, specializes in mental health and mental illness during premenstration and perimenopause. We treat psychiatric symptoms, such as depression and anxiety, that can commonly appear for women suffering from PMDD, PMS and menopause.

PMDD and Menopausal Services

Throughout a woman's lifespan, periods of hormonal changes can severely impact her ability to get through the day and have a good quality of life. We now know that a certain subset of women appear to be more sensitive, emotionally and physically, to fluctuations in their hormones compared to other women. Fortunately, we also know that certain medications, therapies, exercises and supplements can aid in helping these women feel better.

Premenstrual Mood & Anxiety Evaluation

A woman may be referred to our clinic to determine whether or not she has a condition known as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. This evaluation entails a full assessment during the appointment, and then charts for the patient to complete outside of the appointment. Referral back to the original provider is done once a successful treatment has been established.

Care during Peri-menopause

Oftentimes the transition into menopause is one of the more difficult times in a woman's life. Due to multiple complexities during this stage, it may be difficult to determine the exact cause of both emotional and physical symptoms. After a thorough assessment, we collaborate with a woman's other providers to form a comprehensive treatment plan aimed at helping her through menopause.