Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic of Austin: a women's mental health clinic
by Kristin Yeung Lasseter, MD

Peripartum Services

Our clinic provides psychiatry care for women experiencing depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns surrounding pregnancy. We help women going through infertility, pregnancy loss, or pregnancy planning. Our psychiatrist also can manage medications for women during pregnancy and postpartum. Furthermore, we provide evidence-based treatment for birth trauma.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Services

There is a common myth in our culture that pregnancy is a time of protection against mental illness, but more and more research is proving the opposite. Roughly 1 in 5 women will experience depression or anxiety symptoms in pregnancy. Those who have had mood episodes or anxiety in the past are at increased risk for recurrence of these symptoms during pregnancy and, even more so, during the postpartum period. As our understanding of fetal and child development advances, we have greater evidence of the extensive impact that mental health in a mother has on her child.

Pre-Pregnancy Consultation

After a thorough evaluation, various treatment options will be discussed. Not all mental health illnesses require medication in pregnancy, and a comprehensive treatment plan, using multiple modalities, will be developed with the patient to maximize mental wellness for pregnancy. This plan is then coordinated with a patient's care team, including the obstetric provider, psychiatrist, and/or therapist.

Pregnancy or Postpartum Evaluation

A full assessment of past and recent symptoms will be conducted to determine the safest therapeutic treatment for both a woman and her baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Different options, along with the potential risks and benefits of particular treatments, will be reviewed to determine what a patient feels most comfortable with. The formulated plan is also shared with the other providers involved in the patient's care if preferred.