Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic of Austin - Kristin Lasseter, MD
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Infertility and Loss

Infertility Treatment

Fertility treatments commonly stir up depression and anxiety symptoms in women. Not only is infertility a stressful experience for a couple to endure, but treatment is complicated by the psychological side effects that hormones have on the female brain. Women who have a history of hormone-sensitive mood/anxiety symptoms can be at a higher risk for similar symptoms during fertility treatments. We provide support and multiple treatment options for these issues, and we make sure to include the OB/reproductive endocrinologist who is also involved in the patient’s care.

Support after Loss

Significant hormonal changes that occur after loss of a pregnancy often create a biological environment that leaves a woman vulnerable to more distress. This combined with the emotional suffering that accompanies loss significantly raises the risk of developing or exacerbating mood and anxiety symptoms. There are many therapies available to help people feel better during these emotionally difficult times, and we are here to support the journey in discovering which treatments work best.